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Workplace Pensions Direct Solutions

We have different solutions for your clients.
AE Protect - For brand new companies and for those that simply want to get compliant and do not require a pension scheme.
AE Essentials - End to end Auto Enrolment solution. This option does not include ongoing payroll support.
AE Plus - This option includes ongoing payroll support.

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Introducer Brochure

The introducer guide explains in a nutshell, the service we offer for our accountants, payroll bureaus and financial advisers.

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Whats Included in AE Set Up Support

What's included in the service for the initial and ongoing fees paid to WPD.

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AE Set Up Project Plan Quotation

For any new client that needs assistance with Auto Enrolment Set Up, you can request a tailored quotation which fully explains our service and what we can do to help.

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Employee Support Helpdesk

All our packages include access to our Employee Support Helpdesk.

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Employer Presentation

The latest WPD presentation to Employers.

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Have You Had Enough Yet?

The latest WPD presentation to Partners, asking if they have had enough of auto-enrolment.

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WPD Ongoing Service Explained

A description of WPD's ongoing service offering.

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Example of typical business adviser pricing menu

This is an example of a business adviser pricing menu, provided by Standard Life. It illustrates the time it takes to complete each task manually, and the price that would be charged for the service to be sustainable.

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Example Partner Report

If you've referred clients to Workplace Pensions Direct, you will receive monthly partner updates by email. You'll be able to keep track of all your clients and find out information such as: Your WPD clients, the stage your client is at, whether they have paid, and much more.

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Business adviser auto-enrolment responsibilities and ethics guidelines

If you’re acting as an auto-enrolment consultant for your business clients then you run the risk of enforcement action being taken against you. This guide explains how you can mitigate these ricks, and how Workplace Pensions Direct can guarantee your clients compliance.

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AE Employer Audit Flyer

An information flyer for our bespoke AE Audit service, part of the new range of auto-enrolment services provided by Workplace Pensions Direct.

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AE Employer Rescue Flyer

If you've got clients who have missed key dates, or are worried they simply aren't going to comply with their duties in time, Workplace Pensions Direct will provide a fully compliant auto-enrolment solution and save them from fines.

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AE Employer Maintenance Flyer

If your clients are finding their ongoing auto-enrolment duties to be time consuming and difficult, Workplace Pensions Direct can help. We'll take on your ongoing responsibilities and ensure a compliant pension scheme for your company.

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AE Audit for Accountants Flyer

If you're an accountant dealing with your client's auto-enrolment duties, we can provide a full audit on your behalf, ensuring you're complying fully with TPR legislation.

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Want quality employee benefits for your clients?


At Workplace Pensions Direct we can help your clients get the most out of their employees. We’ve teamed up with Pure Benefits to offer a comprehensive range of employee benefit and HR solutions, including:

  • Life insurance
  • Critical illness cover
  • HR software
  • Complete employee benefit packages.



If you’re interested in how Workplace Pensions Direct and Pure Benefits can help you or your clients, register your interest now.

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  • Combined with the material above, talking about auto-enrolment is simple.

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Assumptions: 2016/2017 tax year – £26,500 average pay – 15% average staff turnover. Available ongoing cost savings are from salary exchange, earnings definition, postponement for new starters, employee charges, employee lost investment return, and employer charges.

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