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Coronavirus - Getting Back to Work Safely

Health & Safety

Getting Back to Business – After the Lockdown

HM Government Guidance

HM Government has issued guidance on how to work safely during COVID-19. A copy of the guide can be found here:


Coronavirus – Health & Safety

Under UK health and safety law employers and premises owners have clear legal duties to protect workers and users of the property against exposure to the coronavirus.

Immediate and ongoing risk assessment is required to ensure that people working in or visiting sites are not exposed to risks to their health.

WPD exists to ensure that our clients can operate in a fully compliant way, safeguarding your business and its people against the pitfalls of non-compliance. At this time, you may be wondering how to ensure that your business and your people can operate or reopen safely, following government guidelines and best practice to ensure that you limit and control the spread of Covid-19.


How can WPD help?

We are now able to offer our Clients support in the following ways:


If your business is currently operating: 

If your business is currently operating, it will be doing so under very different circumstances than usual. We can help you to keep your business running by ensuring you have measures in place to protect your Employees and Customers. Using government, HSE and best practice guidance we will make sure that you are doing everything that you reasonably can to assist in preventing the spread of Covid-19 and be able to demonstrate this should you be required to do so.


If you want to get back to work: 

Unless your business is on the prescribed list of non-essential shops and public venues, you can continue to operate as long as you are able to demonstrate that you have systems in place to protect your Employees and customers. We can help you prepare your business to ensure that safe systems are in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and enable your business to get back to work.


Your business is on the prescribed list of non-essential shops and public venues: 

Once the government has announced an easing of the lockdown, you will want to make sure that your business can smoothly return to work whilst ensuring that government, HSE and best practice guidance is being followed to assist with preventing the spread of Covid-19. We can help you prepare your business to ensure that safe systems are in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and enable your business to get back to work at the earliest opportunity.


How does it work?

During our onsite visit we will:

  1. Understand the nature and context of the business and establish what the essential processes are.
  2. Create safe ways of working for these essential processes in line with best practice and government guidelines on social distancing and preventing the spread of C-19.
  3. Provide information and instruction to the staff.
  4. Construct relevant risk assessments around the changes to meet HSE requirements.
  5. Conduct an audit on the processes and safe working practices to ensure that the business is compliant.


How much does it cost?

Typically for an uncomplicated business with one site and under 100 staff this would cost around £400 + vat.



Phill is an experienced Consultant, having specific specialised interests in Health and Safety, Risk Management, the design, implementation and maintenance of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

Phill provides Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety consultancy to a range of Clients and has industry experience in Manufacturing, Logistics, Steel Fabrication , Education, Managed Services and Microgeneration Scheme Certification.

Sectors include Steel Fabrication, Office, Warehousing, Logistics, Education, Theatre, Events and Manufacturing.


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