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SAGE ONE Payroll Settings

A step by step guide to changing pension contribution settings

Updating SAGE ONE with the new minimum pension contributions from 6th April 2018


Employers are responsible for ensuring that any pension contributions deducted from earnings after 6th April 2018 are at least equal to the minimum amounts laid down by the legislation.



Updating the pension deduction process manually within Sage is a simple administration process within your software

If any of this information is unclear or you need any assistance, call our office on 0113 457 4574. You need to update before your first pay run of the 2018/19 tax year.



1. Go to Pensions on the top task bar


2. Click on “Edit Pension” next to the Pension name to go into the scheme settings. Then click “View/Edit” on the Group line.

3. Change the Employee percentage to 2.00 and the Employer to 3.00 and click Save.

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